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Full List of Employer FAQs

We are the Chamber Pension Plan, established in 1992 by the Chamber of Commerce to provide a needed service to the business community. We believe we are the most cost-effectively run plan in Cayman when all relevant expenses are factored in. As a not-for-profit entity, we do not charge management fees or account-level charges. Our cost is very low, which benefits you as a member. Chamber Pension is a defined contribution pension plan and is registered under the National Pensions Law. The Plan is available to anyone whose employer participates in the Plan or is self-employed. Questions? Please contact the Chamber Pension Plan at to speak with a representative at the pension Administrator. Click below for a PDF of the Employer Frequently Asked Questions.

How can I join, as an employer?

As an employer, you will need to complete the Employer Application Form in order for you to join the Plan. This is used to notify the Administrator of the details of each new employer, self-employed person, and voluntary member of the plan. The completed and signed form should be forwarded to the Administrator. The top part of the form is to be completed by self-employed and voluntary members only. Employers are to complete the bottom part of the form only. Employers, self-employed, and voluntary members are all required to sign the Deed of Adherence on the back of the Employer Application. Employers will be required to provide specific information, such as the type of business they are involved in, the name of the principal officer along with his/her title and contact details and the effective date the employer will be joining the plan.

How much do you charge in fees?

We do not charge account-level fees to join or leave the Chamber Pension Plan Plan. In addition we don’t charge monthly account maintenance fees, as do other pension plans. This is because we are a not-for-profit entity. The expenses paid by the Plan are related to the investment advisory and administration functions of the Plan. The performance of the Chamber Pension Plan Plan is reported after all fees. There are no hidden fees. Click here to see the most recent audited total expense ratio of the Plan.

How much do I need to contribute, as an employer?

Employers are required by law to contribute an amount that is no less than 5% of employee's total earnings up to CI$87,000.

What types of investments does the Plan invest in?

The majority of Plan assets is invested in the stock market. This is because history has shown that over the long term, stocks provide significantly higher returns than bonds or cash. Since the majority of Pension Plan members have over 25 years until retirement, well-chosen stock market investments will likely prove to be the most stable investments for long term growth. This is the reasoning behind pension regulations requiring we invest 40%-70% of the Plan in stocks. Stocks make up approximately 60% of the investments. Bonds and other fixed income securities make up the remaining 40%. Stocks investments are comprised largely of multi-nationals ‘Blue Chip’ companies, such as Microsoft Corp, Visa and Bayer AG, just to name a few; fixed income investments include bonds like Berkshire Hathaway, Procter & Gamble and Barclays Bank PLC. The Plan invests all or substantially all assets overseas to ensure diversity and liquidity. Plan members live and work in the Cayman Islands and many own homes and businesses here. It is in their best interest to invest their pension money elsewhere, to compensate if the economy of the Cayman Islands should experience a prolonged period of weakness. The pension plan also needs to be able to buy and sell its holdings quickly and easily to react to changing market conditions or cash flow needs. This means the Plan needs to invest in large companies with active daily trading.

Who oversees the investments?

The Plan’s investment portfolio is managed and overseen by international pension consultant Mercer, who provides proactive and independent oversight of all the funds’ managers. Our global equities manager is BlackRock, and our fixed income and bond manager is Income Research Management (IR+M).

Who oversees the Plan?

The voluntary Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall running of the fund. They delegate day-to-day responsibilities to the Administrator and are assisted by global leading pension consultant Mercer, as well as other expert service providers, as required.