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It is our aim to provide the best-performing, most trusted pension plan for employees and businesses in the Cayman Islands in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Our vision is to be the recognised leader for the provision of pension plans in the Cayman Islands. We will achieve this by focusing on providing maximum risk-adjusted returns for our members through prudent and shrewd investing, tailored to the individual’s specific needs and goals, while also excelling in customer service because we always put our members first.


The Chamber Pension Plan is driven by individuals whose core values include integrity, prudence and creating peace of mind for members.

How it all started

Our story started in 1992 when the Chamber of Commerce spotted the need for an affordable pension plan that was run for the benefit of the Cayman Islands' community, rather than for profit. Today the Chamber Pension Plan is the most cost-effectively run plan in the Cayman Islands when all relevant expenses are taken into account.

As a not-for-profit entity, we do not charge the management fees or account-level charges that many of our competitors impose on their members. Our cost base is very low, which benefits each and every member, as more of your dollars are invested in your future.

The Plan is a defined contribution pension plan and is registered under the National Pensions Act. It is available to all Caymanians and residents who either work for an employer participating in the Chamber Pension Plan or are self-employed.

Today the Chamber Pension Plan is one of the largest multi-employer pension plans on the island with over 18,000 members and over 1,600 employers participating. The local financial industry has shown its confidence in the Plan, with banks, law, accounting, and investment companies among our member firms.

Accountability and Transparency
Board Members.
Our Structure
Volunteering as a trustee
Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce

The Plan is controlled by its members through an elected board of trustees who are all senior-level executives and professionals from the Cayman Islands' business community. These volunteer trustees, all fellow members, constantly monitor the performance of the investment managers, fund administrators and partners. Click here for more information about our Trustees.

The Plan’s investment portfolio is managed by professional international money managers, as described under the Investment Managers section.

Low administrative costs, efficient management and sound investment policies are combined so our members can rest easy, knowing that their money will be working hard for them until they retire. Click here for more information about the Plan structure.

Ever consider being a trustee of the Chamber Pension Plan?

Your time and expertise could be a valuable asset management of the Plan. Download the form here.

Sponsored by the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber Pension Plan was created with only the best interests of workers in the Cayman Islands at heart. It is a plan designed for and managed by the community which means it meets our local needs better than any foreign plan ever could.

The Chamber of Commerce, as the sponsor to the Chamber Pension Plan, participates in the management of the plan by appointing two Trustees to the Board.


Visit for further information about the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce.   

Board of Trustees
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