Welcome to the Chamber Pension Plan.

As an employer, joining our Plan is straightforward. Please see below How To Join Our Plan for more information. As an employer administering the Plan for your employees, it is your responsibility to ensure that all new employees receive an application form as soon as is practical. Please see below the Enrolling New Members section for more information. 


At the Chamber Pension Plan, we want to ensure that all new employers and members are familiar and comfortable with the operation of the fund, right from the beginning. If you would like more information on the Chamber Pension Plan, feel free to contact the Administrator to arrange a meeting.


It is our aim to establish and continue an excellent working relationship with all our new employers and members participating in the Plan.

As a not-for-profit entity, the Chamber Pension Plan does not charge front-end fees or account-level charges.

Employers Pension 101

How to Join Our Plan?

  • You must also include a copy of your VALID trade and business license in order for your employees to join the Plan (please contact the administrative team to ensure all new employer requirements are met).
The New Employer Application Form is used to notify the Administrator of the details of each new employer, self-employed person, and voluntary member of the plan. The completed and signed form should be forwarded to the Administrator at admin@pensions.ky. Then the Administrator will contact you for confirmation of membership. Employers will be required to provide specific information, such as the type of business they are involved in, the name of the principal officer along with his/her title and contact details and the effective date the employer will be joining the plan. Interested in signing up your company's pension plan with us? Here's everything you need:
  1. New Employer Application Form
  2. Employer Contribution Record Form
  3. New Employer Check List

Enrolling New Members

As new staff are added to your organisation, they must be enrolled in the Chamber Pension Plan. As soon as is reasonable, have each new employee complete and sign an Employee Enrolment Form and provide a copy of their passport. If the employee has worked for an employer in the past that was part of the Chamber Pension Plan at the time, (not just their last employer, but any employer in their past) it is important to indicate this and fill in the employee’s membership number in the space provided. This will ensure that their new contributions will be added to their previous contributions. Forward the signed form and passport copy to the Administrator at admin@pensions.ky to complete the enrolment process. Thirty days after they have been notified that a new member is eligible to join the plan, the Administrator will provide information about the provisions of the pension plan and a person’s rights and obligations.

Which employers are required to provide a pension plan?

Every employer must provide a pension plan for every person working for that employer in the Cayman Islands. An employer who fails without reasonable cause to provide a pension plan or to make contributions to a pension plan for an employee is guilty of an offence and liable on summary conviction.

Which employees are required to join a pension plan?

Every employee (person working) between the age of 18 and 65 must be a member of a registered pension plan. A person is treated as working in the Islands if:

  • they report to work to an office of their employer located in the Islands; or
  • they are normally resident in the Islands and paid from an office which is situated in the Islands.

Every self-employed person either shall be a member of a registered and approved pension plan or shall contribute to a registered individual retirement account with an approved provider.
Full and part-time employees are required to be covered and so are casual employees, probationary staff and those employees on short-term contracts.
Where an employee is employed by more than one employer, each employer is liable to pay contributions to a pension plan for that employee.

How to Read Your Statements?

As an employer, on an annual basis you will receive a statement reflecting all monthly payments received into the Plan from your organisation. This statement will also include the date the payment was received as well as the contribution period the payment related to. In addition to the annual mailing, you may contact the administrator and request a statement for any specified period OR you also have the option of viewing your Chamber Pension Plan statement for any period online at any time; simply enter your user name and password on the Employer Login Page. If you do not have a user name and password, contact us at admin@pensions.ky
Alternatively, you can review your statement which you will receive by mail or you may also request a statement at any time from the administrator. The statement outlines the date on which your contributions were made, for which period the contribution relates and the total contributions for the periods shown.
Through your online access, you also have the ability to create your employee listing. We recommend you do this on a regular basis to obtain new member numbers and to ensure your employee list is up to date with all additions and terminations.