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Welcome to the Chamber Pension Plan.

As an employer, joining our Plan is straightforward. Please see below How To Join Our Plan for more information. As an employer administering the Plan for your employees, it is your responsibility to ensure that all new employees receive an application form as soon as is practical. Please see below the Enrolling New Members section for more information. 


At the Chamber Pension Plan, we want to ensure that all new employers and members are familiar and comfortable with the operation of the fund, right from the beginning. If you would like more information on the Chamber Pension Plan, feel free to contact the Administrator to arrange a meeting.


It is our aim to establish and continue an excellent working relationship with all our new employers and members participating in the Plan.

As a not-for-profit entity, the Chamber Pension Plan does not charge front-end fees or account-level charges.

Employers Pension 101

employer 101
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