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Cayman Islands Life Expectancy

The Compendium of Statistics released in 2013 by the Economics and Statistics Office of the Cayman Islands shows that the country’s Life Expectancy at Birth is 82.3 years. Males are expected to live 79.8 years and females 84.7 years.

Figures on life expectancy are required data for pension and insurance purposes, particularly in calculating expected retirement benefits.

Life expectancy is also often used as a measure of a country's quality of life. The more developed a country is, the more likely it is that life expectancy will be higher. According to a World Health Organization database, Monaco had the highest life expectancy in 2013 at 87.2 years. Cayman has the same life expectancy as France, which is ranked 14th in the world, at 82.3 years. In comparison, the UK is 29th with an average life span of 81 years, and the US is 35th with an average life span of 79.8 years.



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