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2021 Annual General Meeting Notice

The Board of Trustees of the Chamber Pension Plan invites our Members to attend the Annual General Meeting ("AGM") on 1 December 2021 at 6:30PM at the Chamber of Commerce Board Room, Governors Square:

RSVP or Proxy Submission for AGM

Click here to RSVP or submit an electronic proxy form. If you are unable to attend the meeting please appoint a proxy to attend and vote on your behalf by using the RSVP button above. Select "I will not be attending" and fill in the details of your appointed proxy. You must submit the online form no later than 6:30 pm on Monday, 29 November 2021. A valid passport or driver's license is required with submission.

Purpose of the AGM

​The AGM is a formal Members only meeting held once a year. The purpose of this meeting is for Members to be informed of the Plan's performance, meet the Board of Trustees, approve the previous year's minutes and to participate in the question and answer segment.

Report of Trustees

​The Board of Trustees is proud to provide the members with an overview of the Plan for the fiscal year ended 30 June 2021 and to preview the Plan’s AGM in the 2021 Report of Trustees.


Please contact us at or 745-7630.


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