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April 2024 NAVs Available

The Chamber Pension Plan is pleased to announce the Net Asset Values (NAVs) for April 2024. Our diverse range of funds has continued to deliver strong performances, reflecting our commitment to providing members with robust investment options tailored to their retirement needs. Below are the NAVs and the one-year performance metrics for each fund as of April 30, 2024:

Fund Performance Overview

  1. Conservative Fund

  • NAV: $3.04350

  • 1-Year Performance: 3.59%

  1. Income Growth Fund

  • NAV: $3.18050

  • 1-Year Performance: 4.56%

  1. 2030 Fund

  • NAV: $3.38540

  • 1-Year Performance: 7.53%

  1. 2040 Fund

  • NAV: $3.88040

  • 1-Year Performance: 11.69%

  1. 2050 Fund

  • NAV: $4.18750

  • 1-Year Performance: 15.30%

  1. 2060 Fund

  • NAV: $2.23250

  • 1-Year Performance: 17.84%

Fund Highlights

  • Conservative Fund: Designed for those nearing retirement or preferring lower risk, this fund showed a steady annual growth of 3.59%.

  • Income Growth Fund: Offering a balance between income generation and capital appreciation, this fund grew by 4.56% over the past year.

  • 2030 Fund: Targeted for those with a medium-term investment horizon, it achieved a notable 7.53% growth.

  • 2040 Fund: For members with a longer-term perspective, this fund saw a substantial increase of 11.69%.

  • 2050 Fund: Aimed at younger members or those with a high-risk tolerance, the fund reported an impressive 15.30% growth.

  • 2060 Fund: Catering to the youngest investors or those seeking aggressive growth, this fund outperformed with a remarkable 17.84% increase.

Our funds are carefully managed to adapt to the changing market conditions and economic landscape, ensuring that we continue to meet the diverse needs of our members. We thank you for your continued trust and investment in the Chamber Pension Plan.

For more detailed information on each fund and to stay updated with the latest developments, please visit our website or contact our customer service team.

Stay tuned for next month’s update, and continue to secure your future with the Chamber Pension Plan. Disclaimer: Past performance is not indicative of future results. Investments involve risks, including possible loss of principal.


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