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January NAVs Available

Witness Your Investment Grow with Chamber Pension Plan's Lifecycle Funds!

The Chamber Pension Plan stands as a beacon of growth and security. The remarkable performance of our 2060 Fund is a testament to this promise. In 2023 alone, the fund has witnessed a phenomenal growth of 24.20%!

📈 Each of our Lifecycle Funds is tailored to fit different stages of your career, ensuring your retirement plan is as dynamic as you are! Whether you're a young professional or closer to retirement looking for stability, we have a fund for you.

🔹 Chamber 2060, 2050, 2040, 2030 - Perfect for long-term growth.

🔹 Income Conservative, Income Growth - Ideal for nearing retirement.

The Chamber Pension Plan is more than a savings scheme; it's a pathway to a future where your retirement years are as golden as the Cayman sun. Join us today and let your retirement savings take flight. For more information, visit


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